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Can you play outside?  Providing there is adequate shelter from the elements (preferably overhead cover) it may be possible, weather permitting.  If it is not possible, I will set the harp up as close to the outside area as possible.
Do you have Public Liability Insurance? Yes I do, as part of my membership with the Musicians' Union.
Are you able to change location during an event? Yes, it is perfectly possible to move the harp from one room to another, or to travel between different locations (i.e. from church to reception venue). 
Do you need any assistance on arrival? A little help would be appreciated if possible, please, especially if there are a few steps to navigate to get into the venue!
Do you need a parking space? Due to past experiences (stories another time!), if parking at a venue is going to be very limited it would be wonderful if you could reserve me a space if possible!  If there are no parking facilities, directions to the nearest car park would be very helpful.
What if we want a piece of music that isn't on your repertoire list? I am always willing to play any requests you might have.  Recent requests have included music by Queen, The Pogues, Michael Buble, and Victor's Piano Solo from Corpse Bride, so please feel free to ask!
Does the harp require amplification? Not usually!  I do have a small amplifier, if it is necessary.
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